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About us

The firm  ING DRAK Ltd arose 18th August 1999.

We occupy ourselves with sale of new and used (second-hand) sewing, ironing and cutting technology including securing of service and overhauls of these machines. We are able to deliver machines of those trademarks: JUKI, BROTHER, PFAFF, SINGER, MINERVA, YAMATO, STROBEL, RIMOLDI, DÜRKOPP...

To order we manufacture special sewing machines with extended arm, automatic sling dividing device, laying apparatuses for sewing machines, special alterations of sewing machines such as for example: presser foot feeding for sewing machines, pull off drums, special needle spacing sets, extending of sewing machine arm..... We deliver all spare parts for sewing, ironing and cutting technology. In 2006 we have launched quality certificate ISO 9001.

ING DRAK s.r.o. TEL: +420 516 478 410
Malá Strana 221 GSM: +420 777 834 438
679 38 Cetkovice EML:

IČ: 25571958
DIČ: CZ25571958